Artist Statement
Fascinated by events and emerging trends, my art traverses the intersection of bright hues and melancholic themes. Amidst the identity discourse, the vanishing figure becomes entranced by its surroundings, morphing into an enigmatic and anonymous presence. Through a dynamic interplay of movement, pulsating colors, and distorted forms, my work reflects a fascination with the intricate dance of weather patterns, which increasingly informs my artistic expression.
Within the depths of my compositions lies a foreboding echoing the looming environmental degradation and personal loss. Coral reefs, pivotal to local communities and the global ecosystem, symbolize this fragility, their decline mirrored in the themes of mortality and decay that permeate my art. Portraits submerged beneath the waves evoke a metaphor for our damaged planet, their blank expressions reflecting a sense of detachment from the viewer, a haunting reminder of our indifference. In these distorted visages, colors converge to consume the figure, their harsh intensity reminiscent of bruises, x-rays, and scars.
Through meticulous control of lighting and color, I craft staged arrangements that blur the boundaries between reality and artifice, inviting viewers into a seductive realm where the mundane becomes extraordinary. Each composition is a testament to the intricate web of connections that bind us, a frozen tableau of human experience and environmental vulnerability, beckoning us to confront the uncomfortable truths lurking beneath the surface of our consciousness.
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